NXP Reassign DMX Outputs????

I have an NXP and took it out for its first gig this last weekend. I’ve had it in the office for a while now but I’ve never used the DMX outputs on it before.

I think I’ve encountered a bug in onyx with regards to the DMX outputs on the NXP, whenever I try to reassign the outputs to any universe other than the defaults it refuses to change. If I close the menu and go back in, it’s back at the defaults .

I also have an M2go, I have used many M-touch, NXTouch, and NX2 where I have never come across this issue before. Any Ideas?

Make sure you are running Version 4.8.1240

This was corrected in October with Version 1238

  • Fixed universe assignment reporting in DMX device details pane

See the release notes here:
Download (obsidiancontrol.com)

Thank you, I just checked and I am at 1237 . will update tonight

After updating the software you may need to manually reassign the outputs.

Below are the instructions on how to do that.