Objects ModelLib folder empty

When I open objects from view and hit import the folder ModelLib is empty


When installing MSD, 2 sets of ‘MSD’ folders are created, one for the Common Libraries (with libraries that MSD installs), and one for the User Libraries where the User can store his/her own libraries.

When using a file dialog in MSD, it will by default start in the User folder (as is the case in your screenshot, where the User folder is empty), something like this:

At the top of the file dialog are 2 buttons which allow access to these 2 locations, so you can easily switch to the MSD installed libraries in the ‘Common Libraries’ folder by clicking on the ‘Common’ button, and you should get something like this:

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Thanks! I just received my first year license and I am trying to muddle my way through it. I am sooo excited

Also, take a look at the MSD training videos.

Good Luck