Obsidian Control Systems RDM10

this looks amazing, is it a legacy product since its not on the site? i saw in the description on a retailer that its a 2 universe gateway. does it handle more than 2? looks like you can use it as a DMX opto as well, can you assign the ports per the two inputs?


it is on the page and a very new product. What site are you looking at?

RDM 10 (obsidiancontrol.com)

The SOURCE is 2 DMX Lines. These can be 5pin or Ethernet based. It will not do more than 2 Universes. If you are looking for a more complete node check the EN12
On RDM10 any one of the ports can be assigned to A or B source, or a merger of the two, or backup etc.

I found it on the site. Those ethernet universes can come via streaming ACN or artnet correct? So you’re saying that it will only convert two universes in a system. For example if I have four universes coming out of my console in streaming ACN and I have two of your rdm10s, can I send universes one and two to one of them and universes three and four to the other?

It takes sACN and Artnet, and you can assign any Universe numbers you like. 1+2 and 3+4 will work.
The idea is to provide an RDM splitter, DMX merger and small Ethernet Node into one unit.