Odd issue with Fixture Response

The last time I posted on this forum I got a swift and helpful response. Thanks for that. Now I have another issue, this one a little less straightforward I think.
So I got my fixtures patched in and am controlling them through my computer. The intensity control is working fine so is the prism effect, prism rotation, and maybe a few other parameters. BUT for all fixtures after the second in the DMX daisy chain the pan/tilt, color wheel change, gobo wheel change is CREEPINGLY slow. Like out of the 10 Sharpys I have in the chain, the last 8 take about 2 minutes to get to tilt 0%. Where as the first two zap where they need to be. The color is doing the same thing, so is the gobo wheel. I can’t conclude that it would be a DMX line issue because for all 10 fixtures in the chain the prism, prism rotation, and even shutter effect work fine and instantly. To make things more confusing, the color rotation (like CW rainbow effect) works fine for all fixtures too, and instantly changes speeds when I tell them the fixtures to, but say going from red to green takes like 25 seconds. Is there some setting I’m missing that’s causing this to happen? I can’t run a good show moving at turtle speed.

Appreciate the help fellas.

I should add that there are a few different types of fixtures in between the 10 sharpys (some DataFlashes) that work with no interruptions too. So again, I can’t see how bad cables can be the issue.

Does this happen live from programmer? From the programmer If you select all lights and pan and till them do they all do the same thing or some are slow
Check the mode of each light
Check you address of each light

if this if from a cue is sound like you put some type of timing on the cue

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It’s from the programmer, I haven’t saved a position to them yet to cue back to because I was busy trying to fix the issue. I read about to cue timing deal and found that it was set to normal or “0 seconds.”
To answer your second question: it’s happening to the last 8 lights in the chain. The first two are as fast as the should be. The last 8 also moved slow when I used a preset P/T rotation from the FX section.

It sounds like some of your fixtures are running vector mode, which would cause exactly what you describe as you may have the next fixture dmx addresses overlap.

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Thanks for the response. I am indeed running them in vector mode. That being said I also have them spread out by20 channels so no overlap should be happening. I didn’t think it would be a problem because at my other nightclub gig, I run my sharpy’s in vector mode on an Avolites board. I have them patched as vector on ONYX too.

Sound like a patch issue

Are they all the same Firmware version on the light

If they are the same Firmware trying setting 1 of the 8 lights with the problem to the same address as the first 1 and see if problem goes away if it does

Double check your address on the light and in the board
Make sure they are all patch in the Board as Vector Mode
Make sure all the lights are in Vector mode

I’m gonna try this out tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks man!