on screen programming parameters?

Hey all, I like to popup the programming parameter window quite often while doing some quick late additions before a show and I thought this would be easy, but I’m stuck here. I recently purchased a couple new touch screens and 2 NXP to go along with my m2go and laptop.

I’d like to be able to popup the programming parameters on any or all of my screens but I can’t find the setting to turn it on (been through every little thing in the displays menu). It seems to only be allowed on the main display (internal right I think).

Is this a missing feature?
or… am I just being dumb and it’s stupidly simple?


There are a couple of ways to do this, but you’ll have to experiment as I’m not in front of a console to give the exact commands.

  1. You could create a custom view with the windows you want on it. Assign it to one of the side bar functions.

2). You can assign the parameters windows that “expands” from the lower left corner to and F-Key. I believe the command is called “toggle”.

  1. Depending on the f-key you can either have a physical button on the console or again assign the f-key to the side function area. There is also one on the top right of the display (if it is activated in the display settings).

If you are having issues. Look in the manual for editing side functions or views something along those lines. Personally, I like to quickly switch my view make my edit and go back. My view has fixture groups and presets along with a programmer and the parameters. It’s a small reminder that I’m editing or recording.

Hope this helps,


Watson is correct here with the toggle function.

The complete command can be found here:
Sidebars or Functions > Commands > Channel visualisation > Toggle