One cue, multiple parameters, multiple timings for each parameter? Possible?

I want to move a single moving fixture from left to right over 10 seconds. While that fixture is moving, I want to fade it in for 5 seconds, then out for 5 seconds.

How does one do something like this?

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You can not fade up and down within the same cue, split it into two.

You will have to do one cue for the movement and go to 100% intensity in 5s, then a second cue fade out in 5 seconds.
Set the second cue to Wait 5s. The movement will continue without changes if the second cue only has intensity in it.


Okay, but as I understand, I can fade any attribute one direction with independent timing.

I think that’s the purpose of the split fade times correct?

So, if I wanted the fixture to sweep from left to right and back one time while fading intensity from 0 to 100% over the entire movement, I would need to increase intensity 50% over the first cue and continue increasing 50% over the 2nd cue because we can’t have a cue change direction without having a new cue value for the pan. Yes?

That leads into my next question about this topic.

Think wedding venue, center aisle, with a single moving spot mounted directly over one side of the seating.

I want to, over 30 seconds, move that fixture from the back of the aisle to the pulpit, maintaining the spot directly down the aisle in a straight line. Since the fixture will need a parabolic pattern between pan and tilt to maintain that path, is there a way to smoothly create that precise pattern in a cue, or will it take multiple cues to make it work?

I imagine a world where I could record an automation like I would in Ableton Live on a track and be able to connect that MIDI data as CC control for the Pan and Tilt faders in Onyx.

Since it doesn’t do that, what’s the best way to accomplish this goal?

No need to split the intensity into two cues.
Cue1 : Position, 10s - Intensity 100% 5s
Cue 2 (Wait 5s): Intensity 0%, 5s

The position fade of 10 seconds will not be affected by cue 2 changing the intensity back down

For the tracking of a straight line you will need multiple cues. There are no such curves in Onyx at this point.