One-Key damaged


We have a DMX-USB (grey box) and it came with the One-Key. Unfortunately, one of the employees plugged the key into a front side USB, and it later got damaged (housing cracked away, pc board attached to USB was bent, and I’m suspecting solder joints have been broken). I have Lightjockey 2 installed on the machine, but from what I understand, NO DMX output will happen without the One-Key.

We currently have 100 devices being used in Lightjockey; please pardon me when I say I don’t understand the whole “universe thing”. From what I was told from the guy before me, Lightjockey will only allow 100 unique DMX addressed items.

What would be the best way to temporarily bypass the One-Key limitation? I’ve read here that installing Onyx will allow the DMX output to still happen; is this true? And if so, would the data from Lightjockey be able to be imported into Onyx? We have some custom fixtures that were added in Lightjockey.

And since I’m thinking that replacing the One-Key is inevitable at this point, where can I get my hands on one? I believe I can scrap up a proof of purchase for Lightjockey, but we never made a backup copy of the license online…as that feature wasn’t available when we installed it initially.

Since Obsidian took over the whole key thing for Martin (am I right on that?), would an Onyx key work with Lightjockey? I’ve kind of gotten lost with the whole One-Key business since Martin sold it off to another company.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Colin, I’ve emailed you about this, so i’m just updating this post. Thanks!

You can purchase a replacement key from Elation, product code MPC064. List price is $800 USD. No proof of purchase required, you’d have to buy a new key.

Nothing from LightJockey can be imported into ONYX, the data is incompatible.

If you want to go the ONYX route you’d have to reprogram from scratch and rebuild any custom fixture libraries. You are no longer bound to 100 unique devices, ONYX doesn’t have such a restriction. The two port box will give you 1024 DMX channels you can use any way you like.
You would not require a USB license key for the first 4 Universes of ONYX.

Lastly, LightJockey is now an Elation product. Onyx is its own product line inside Obsidian Control Systems. Nothing has changed in regards to OneKey and LightJockey with the move to Elation. A broken key must be repurchased.

UPDATE: We were able to monkey the key back together with some solder, and I backed that key up ASAP when we got it working.


So if we ever needed a replacement key, since I have a backup, would it be just purchasing a demo key and then transferring the license back to the key?

Hi Colin, that is great to hear you were able to get it working again, at least for sometime. I wanted to let you know Elation will not be selling any Empty USB keys like Martin had been doing going forward, we have very little stock of them left over from the Martin acquisition of the controller products, so now is still the time to buy one of those empty one keys from us before they are gone forever.
Or, purchase our new LightJockey Kit that comes with a new USB One Key, and 2x NX-DMX interfaces for a total of 4 DMX universes possible in Light jockey, and those you can also use on ONYX, maybe even use one box for LJ and then use the other to learn ONYX.

You’ve got plenty of options and we are here tohelp you decide and order the right kit. Thanks!