One-key license not found

I’ve got an old One-key usb drive, which I’ve been using with obsidian for some time, then all of a sudden this morning i dont have access to all 128 universes, with the status bar reading: “FREE”.

The funny thing is that my computer was on overnight, with Onyx running the whole time. Nothing was updated or anything like that, but when i switched on my computer monitor this morning it just read “FREE” and all universes except 1 is locked =\

What has happened? How do I fix this?

what happens after a reboot? is windows updated? sometimes some security files expire and need to be updated by the OS.

Reboot does nothing… no, it has not been updated before this problem occured.

It has happened before, but then i just had to restart onyx and/or remove the one-key and re-insert it. Now I have tried that + reboot of computer, and then replugging the one-key again.

Any suggestions? Is there someone at Elation that can help me?

…but windows has been updated since, to no avail.

Possibly the One-Key doesn’t turn on properly after several power suspends. Look for turning off the “USB selective suspend” in Windows, which can be configured per device in device manager or globally in your power plan

gert_leunen: but that would be resolved with a computer reboot, wouldn’t it?