only working backwards

I have a M6 that has been updated and running 4.4.1193. continuing a show (2 month old show file) I have been working on
I push go and the cue list advance but nothing happens.
I push back and every thing works.
Try moving to different fader and sub masters and same thing
I create a new cue list and it works correctly.
Tried moving show to a lap top and original cue list works correctly.
any suggestions on what to look at

thanks for input on what to do

Matt S

My first thought was to check that button is assigned to GO in the function assignments tab in the cuelist options. If your cues are advancing when you push the button it seems unlikely to be the problem, but worth checking.

Does the problem also occur when you press the on-screen GO (play symbol) button in the playback controls popup for that cuelist?

What are you expecting to happen when you push the go button? As in, what is meant to change with the next cue?

All Button assigned correctly
Main Go button also does not work
On screen button also does not work

on the cue list I have LED pars LED Movers and LED strip lights do movement color change and intensity change and nothing happens. If starting from the first crew every things says at home and black . If I go backwards on a the cue list to a point where the lights are on and in a different position then hit go they stay at there last position, color, and intensity.

Also another note if I use key paid and say go to cue what ever I want it works going forward or backwards from the cue I am at

copy cue list in “Cue List Directly” to a new Cue List then copy that to a new fader and now they both work.