ONXY Beta 1203

If we have an UNDO feature can you enable pressing shift plus undo is a REDO?
Thanx! = )


Bug report. I have 30 fixtures active and with different intensities. When I go group at o thru 26, it does where is supposed to do. The problem comes up when I reselect all the fixtures again and try to do another conditional selection, it doesn’t work. I did check my sintax by clearing the programmer, selecting the fixtures, putting them at different intensities and applying the same command and once again it works but only the first time.

H i using Onyx Beta 1203 the show was working last day was freeze 2 times making me restart onyx software. this show come from previus onyx version. its small show only 2 universes with 4 dylos zones working wiht onyx library. I upload some .mp4 files to test it with dylos but i experimented some freeze video issues and i didn t use it. i didn t delete this 18 files from show.
the laptop use i7 9750, 16gb RAM and SSD drive. ¿any idea why onyx beta 1203 stop work and freeze the software?. could be better work with 4.4.1193 version (non Beta version)


Can you please verify if these keyboard shortcuts are working for you? shift+delete = Delete then CTRL pg down=last


I got multiple issues with the 1203 version.

  • There is a big issues with cloning fixture. I got 12 quantum profile in a group called “Spot”. Patch a chRGBW (lets call dummy spot), clone (source first quantum, target dummy spot). When the cloning is over, if a select my group “spot” the dummy spot is selected. Close Onyx. Reopen the file. Select “Spot”, the dummy spot isn’t selected anymore.

  • Using the same Onyx file in 2 differents compture don’t work. I preproduce my show on a computer. I take my file, put it on a FOH laptop with same OnyxVersion (1203). All of my fixtures in an dylos zone doesn’t respond anymore. I need to delete then from the 2D plane and place them again.

  • Save with content doesn’t work. I saved my file with save with content, go to the laptop, open it. My dylos content (factory content, not user) aren’t here. All my dylos zone are empty.
    I install the factory content, but even with the same factory content & a file saved with content, some media are missing (got the dylos alert on the top rigth)

I hope you will be able to reproduce this issues.

Shift+delete dont generate Delete
control + page down = last it works fine

Without Scroll Lock turned on, Shift+Delete will have no effect in Onyx.
(Ctrl/ScrLk)+Delete = CLEAR
(Ctrl/ScrLk)+Shift+Delete = DELETE

Save with content will never include factory content: factory content will always need to be installed separately (readily available for download). If media files are still missing, you could upload the show file with content and indicate what you’re missing - and indicate which factory content build you’re using, so we could have a look.
We’ll look at reproducing the other issues.


What file formats (video and picture) and codec are recomended to use with my own library? i was trying some *.mp4 files and get some freeze frames .

We use our own format once in the cache and use ffmpeg to convert the source media, so whatever plays well with ffmpeg/VLC-player should do

What frame rate does DyLOS natively play in??

It syncs up to the DMX frame rate: approx 32 fps (cf pixel mapping)

Will retry check my mp4 files and reload in dylos to test