ONXY Beta 1203

A new beta is available with some bug fixes and improvements.


Generator Guide: https://files.obsidiancontrol.com/s/n99kiYwTB2TWFyP 31

New content package to add palettes: https://files.obsidiancontrol.com/s/C8mSn6owEYLAgRJ

		Release Notes for Onyx
	(C) 2018-2020 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.5.1203 (19/11/2020)

DyLOS values are now shown in live output (origin indication pending)
Improved 2D plan performance and responsiveness for large fixture sets
Increased maximal cue comment size
Added LTC audio input level control for Obsidian timecode boards (not verified against hardware)
Fixed optimizing show files (removing fixtures that had been marked for deletion)
Fixed placing multi-part fixtures on 2D plan
Minor fixes and improvements

4.5.1202 (29/10/2020)

Improved Onyx startup sequence, should eliminate startup errors
Fixed highlight
Fixed DyLOS folder selection
Minor fixes and improvements

4.5.1201 (21/10/2020)

Added 3-preset pixel mapping mode and opacity mapping modes
Fixed application window lags while moving on some systems
Fixed 2D plan orientation pulled in from Capture 3D positions
Minor fixes and improvements

4.5.1200 (21/09/2020)

DyLOS can now apply pixel mapping between presets (for any fixture parameter programmed in the presets)
Added DyLOS generators:
- Patterns: Plasma, Voronoi
- 2D Shapes: Bouncing Balls, Bouncing Shapes, Meta-balls, Floweroid
- Nature: Fire, Steam
Added color palettes to Dylos (First row of 256 pixels in PNG image are used to map - generator output - intensity levels to indexed colors)
CITP integration pulls in 3D positions to compose a top and front 2D plan of the stage (layer per fixture type)
Added options menu to zone composer
Weight modes allow for selecting “Zone Intensity” (default, backward compatible, LTP) and the newer “Manual Weight” (which has improved)
Updated NX Remote app
Updated OS image to latest feature build
Improved CMY mapping to favor intensity channel to color saturation channels (to limit color flag usage and to avoid non-pure blacks)
For networking, occurences of “Master” have been replaced with “Primary” and “Slave” with “Secondary”
Fixed playback status redraw issue when returning from patch
Fixed value changes in DyLOS zone composer not being synchronized over the network
Fixed M-Play bank issues
Fixes for touch and 2D plan selection

4.5.1199 (30/07/2020)

Replaced LTP with programmable weight control between direct and pixel mapped programming

4.5.1198 (24/07/2020)

Enabled Art-Net on any (sub)net and updated network configuration accordingly
Added support for stVisual style so Visualizers always - also when utilizing Unicast - receive licensed Art-Net data
Added patch options for excluding fixtures from GM, SWOP, remote programming and for rotating bars and panels at DMX address level
Added option to turn off smart grid ordering of fixtures in FixtureCenter
Completed plug-in framework for DyLOS generators and effects
Full software and hardware support for flipping playback faders 1-10 with 11-20
Fixed zone selection indication in programmer
Fixed “push to all” not refreshing on virtual playback panel
Fixed back button freezing on “Follow 0s” cues

4.5.1197 (10/07/2020)

Added DEFAULT command to put default values in programmer
Improved P/T Combo handling
MSD (CITP) integration fixes and improvements
Fixed joining shows
Fixed popups appearing multiple times at startup
Fixed multiple conditional channels not toggling (for example, Frost disabling 2 prisms on ADJ Focus Beam LED)

4.5.1195 (08/06/2020)

Added MSD (CITP) integration
Fixed deselecting fixture in Capture not deselecting in Onyx
Fixed focusing inconsistencies with Capture for P/T inverted/swapped fixtures
Fixed IP address and numeric up/down entry issues

4.5.1194 (02/06/2020)

Added Capture (CITP) integration (patch, selection, parameter sync)
Added import of patch (exported from another Onyx show file)
Added sACN priority configuration
Fixed network handling in ConsoleTester

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The new button in rigthbottom screen are really cool and usefull.
Thanks for that gui improvement.

In the beta 1203 when importing all the patch from capture in Onyx ,I am having an issue with the represantion of the stage in the 2d Plan. What I have noticed, is that when dealing with huge stages, I always need to move the plan around to be able to select all the rest of my fixtures that are not visible in the plan. This happens because I suppose we are missing a wider" zoom in and out "option. I will post some Pictures to help you see better!

1.A NEW STAGE WITH LED BARS 2020+musicians.c2p (3.4 MB)

Hi to all!
This morning import is not working with a recent show file from Capture if I scan I can see all fixtures ,but the import doesn’t seem to work at all!
Please look at the message underneath in picture 2 with a message regarding the plot.
Thanx Latest beta version obviously!


Can you add a feature like remove all user media?
It would be nice to have this feature to start a clean library, otherwise it happens like in my case,that you import the new on top of the old ,but when you load less media than the ones before ,you still got the old ones at the end ! = )

Question about “CTRL C + CTRL V+ CTRL Z + CTRL Y” is it complicated to integrate these short cuts features for copying fixture attributes and all the rest that is possible etc…?

i cant delete mtouch 11 on this screen view
i cant control all 11-20 (edit run delete etc)

when i use right side buttons on m-touch - led feedback not working - not update status on fader.

i use copy to test faders & buttons

old problem (for me)
fader led feedback update status

when i control fader from m-play or m-play on screen - all is ok - is realtime update

when i control fader from m-touch or m-touch on screen - fader status on screen or other controller is updated when i get finger from fader (not realtime)Untitled_2020-11-22_1840_Build_4_5_1203_0.OnyxShow (3.3 MB)

Clean library already exists: in the menu, navigate to System, Tools, Maintenance. Press the Erase button next to “Erase DyLOS Content Cache”, it will present some scope options first

Anyway THANX Gert!

I just checked, its where he said it is. Go to tools then maintenance. You are in load and save.

You didn’t read the bottom! =)

I’m liking the intensity mode option for the mapping slot!

Hi, for some reason Avast antivirus on my laptop always seems to complain about the Onyx installer. Is that a known thing?

When changing presets, nothing shows up untill there is a change in intensity or position in the mapping slot, can this be change to have the changes happen when the preset(s) are changed? Can presets A, B and C be a fade channel? They are snapping features at the moment

Avast causes a lot of issues, also with Netron HTML5 pages. I’d get rid of it and use Windows Defender. Its included with Win10.

Changing value, than selecting a new fixture, should deselected the previous one.

Does reselect work for you?

it does, i think you are seeing this because your value change was from Capture over CITP, not from within Onyx.

Hi to all why can’t this page give us all infos about fixtures and prameters that are parked?

I mean why i need to search in the belts what parameter is parked such a waste of time!

This will change to a “Park Programmer” which will show the exact info.
Currently you can only park full fixtures, not per parameter. Parked fixtures show a “P” on the button.

Nice this will be very cool and usefull! Thanx!