Onyx 4.10.1265 Maintenance Update

Hi Everyone!

Onyx Maintenance Update 4.10.1265 has been posted to the download page.

Release Notes

4.10.1265 (20/05/2024)


  • Fixed FX Link state turning off unintentionally

  • Fixed added playback button not appearing on joined systems

  • Fixed disappearance of color indication on record merge of a preset when networked

  • Fixed GTQ X,Y command on UDP

  • Fixed DyLOS engine ignoring moved media content until restart

  • Fixed updating presets after EDIT PRESET session

  • Fixed parking fixtures to no longer ignore submaster/inhibitor levels



I tried new GTQ X,Y command on UDP.
Now the control works but without the cue fade time.

Will be fixed in the next rollup.



I’ve updated my PC software to 4.10.1265 for pre-programming my next tour (I will update my NX1 after the next couple of shows with another band just to play it safe as it is a 4.8 showfile, not updating mid-tour).

I have a couple of bits of feedback from things I have spotted.

  • When cloning washes to VL5LED or to multi instance fixtures, sometimes the progress bar will stall (even when complete), and this will lock out half of the palettes, fixture selection, and make the software unusable until it is restarted (the licence notifier in the bottom left corner stays stuck in PATCH rather than returning to Live 128)

  • Colour FX - Sometimes the effects engine will not allow the ‘Stomp’ effects to stop all colours, beams, pan/tilt. The effects engine feels a little ‘buggy’ at times compared to 4.8

  • Fixture selection - V4.8 used to allow intuitive selection for multi instance fixtures, v4.10 does not it seems.
    Example on V4.8:
    – 101.0 THRU 108.0 would select just the main heads and not the instances (101.0, 102.0, 103.0 etc)
    – 101.1 THRU 108.8 would select just the instances and skip the main heads (101.7, 101.8, 102.1, 102.2 etc)
    Example on 4.10
    – 101.0 THRU 108.0 would select 101.0, 101.1, 101.2 etc
    Is this something that was missed? It was a really useful feature that would speed up my programming.

I hope these help :slight_smile:

Regarding the stalling of the commandline, we already fixed something that might explain this behaviour/bug, so please check again in the next update/maintenance release (probably in a few days).
Regarding the colorFX, I couln’t reproduce anything. Do you have a showfile/example?
Regarding fixtureselection, is it possible that you are in RANGE mode instead of SLICE mode (in toolbar of e.g. fixture window). This is a global setting that the commandline will follow.


Is it possible to rollback installation to 4.8.1244 after updating BIOS, and installing 4.10.1265 on NX1? I have the original backup USB drive on hand.

(Not experiencing any issues, just want to get clarity before proceeding with the 4.10 upgrade.)

Yes, after updating the BIOS you will still be able to install 4.8 (the update enables TPM, which is a requirement for Windows 11)

Hi there.
The slice/range mode was what was causing the selection issue. I did not know that was a feature.
Thanks for that :slight_smile: Every day is a school day.

I think with the FX engine, it is when trying to use CMY FX Off on RGB fixtures, or something similar.
When using the VL5LED (in CMY Mode 1), for some reason it does not always clear the FX, and I have to go through the attributes manually.

I just made do for now, but just thought I would mention if it was an underlying issue.
If I have a lot of different fixture types selected running effects (Intensity, P/T, Colour etc), it does not always clear the effect, and not just on colour.

Running this version now, but I am noticing a problem with Dylos. Without touching any controls, playback of media content may suddenly freeze. At that point it also will no longer listen to any cuelists that switch contents in a Dylos zone. It will keep outputting the latest (frozen) state and the controls themselves are still operational, but de video “output” will just stay stuck.

Any other controls of the software, running of cuelists etc. unrelated to Dylos are still fine when thst happens.

The issue does not clear by itself. It is necessary to shut down Onyx and kill all Onyx related services from task manager. Otherwise the Onyx window will not show when restarting the program.

Also when exiting out of the software and deciding to restart the computer, the computer needs to wait for some Onyx service to quit. Takes about 30 sec on my Intel core i7 1135.

Hopefully this can be fixed.


Hi to all!
Is the “Load dmx output” broken? because it takes all parameteres but not the fx?
Obviously also those are selected in the “load” pop up window, can you check this please?