Onyx 4.10 Release

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce the release of Onyx 4.10!!!


New Features

Added output overrides (Park, Default, Highlight, Offset) as special presets

  • added parameter-level parking
  • added channel-level offsets
  • improved default value editing
  • improved highlight/lowlight editing

Added output override feedback to live output

Added possibility to merge programmer contents into default values from RECORD popup

Allow P/T values in highlight/lowlight presets

Added “Copy from” between highlight/lowlight presets

Added Support for Telnet and UDP commands

Added input processors to DyLOS for converting external inputs into modulators

  • added video and palette input processor (NDI)
  • added audio input, filter and analyzer processors (NDI, ASIO)
  • added Ableton Link support with Quantum Phase Synchronization and tempo changes in session (input processor)
  • added MIDI Clock support (input processor)
  • added beat-tap processor (replacing former global beat for chases)
  • added reference processor (to decouple source input slot programming in presets and cues through indirection)
  • added metronome visual feedback for beat rate

Enabled palettes in effect slots and masks
Added new “Preset C” mode to opacity mapping
Added aspect ratio control
Added color appearance support to input processors
Added options dropdown for library and beats editor views (library tabs can now be added as a view from the new “Library” Windows tab)

Added support for installing 3rd party ASIO drivers (to support low latency USB audio devices as published by Behringer, Focusrite, M-Audio, MOTU and RME), and added access to their mixer and configuration

Added audio monitoring

Added support for reverse playback for synced media playback and generators

Added visual feedback display modes for beat provider, which can be used in canvases or palettes

Added beat detection sync into media playhead and chase playback (beat triggers, next to global)

Added transport running state (Ableton Link, MIDI clock, audio signal presence) tracking to (un)mute beat provider output

Added beat-tap processors to F-keys (with target assignment)

Added reference processors to F-Keys (with target assignment)


I updated the firmware of my NX1 per the instructions on the " ONYX 4.10 Downloads" page and then updated the operating system to 4.10. Upon starting the NX1, I saw the message “Old firmware detected.” Did I mess up somehow?

When I open the firmware update tool, it reads, “PCB firmware update (V4.10.1263.0)”. Under “USB Devices”, it shows three items:

E10B NX1 NX-P Playback v04.38 DIPS:0
E1A9 NX DMX2 Card 2IN/OUT v04.11 DIPS:78
E1A9 NX DMX2 Card 2IN/OUT v04.11 DIPS:78

Hi @AussieDave

If you are now running 4.10 OS then you did everything correctly.

The BIOS update is different than the firmware update. It looks like your Playback is running a slightly old firmware, 4.38 vs 4.40.

From the firmware update tool you can select the E10B NX1 NX-P Playback v04.38 DIPS:0 device press “Update USB Firmware” navigate to the NX1 folder and select the “(E10B) (E10C) NX1 NXP Playback (V4.40) USB.C2” file, press ok and follow the instructions on screen.

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Thanks, Matthew. That appears to have solved the problem.

The latest version does not work on the NX4.
The installation of 4.10 is ok but the console restarts with the previous version…

Please install the full OS found on the download page.

In the Menu- DMX custom names of the (USB device) M-DMX showed up blacked out when I connected them. Of course, it was a simple fix to edit the name. Then the name showed again.

Same here, even with the Full OS.
Tried multiple USB-sticks and Ports