Onyx 4.2.1057 not installing on PC

For some reason, the latest version of onyx will not start the installer on my PC, v4.2.1057, I’ve tried running it as an admin but still nothing, it’’ act like its going to do something but then it just stops like it crashed but without an error.

Recently I’ve noticed some Windows Installer issue. I have windows username with space inside. For example lets say your windows user is “Johnny Lighter”. I’ve deep traced traced installer process and seems it crashes when finds file “C:\Users\Johnny”. It means file named as first part of your username. After removing installer goes normally. For me helped two times during upgrades to new versions. This dummy file is created by some other process randomly. Please kindly check is it your case.

Any chance you could share an installer log with us?

Sorry but I don’t have it but honestly installer logs was useless even at verbose level. There was absolutely nothing that helped to find issue. Finally I did it with SysinternalsSuite ProcMon and I’ve ran extensive trace to installer (disk files access, registry access). It seems to be an internal windows installer bug and existence of such specific file in Users directory causes silent quit. Unfortunately I can’t confirm it. Only what I’ve detected that installer quits rapidly just after accessing this file.

Hey Fellas, sorry, I totally forgot about this post [got busy] and discovered almost all the email notifications went to spam [thanks overzealous filter!] its amazing things we discovered when we unfortunately have all this time, After some doing, the obsidian Onyx did install without any modifications but ran into the same exact problem when I was installing the latest which is what brought me back here, its does seem tomasz, there is a .file sitting in the users folder, not sure what it is, appears to be a crash report when I looked at it in notepad++ but I’m not entirely sure, removed / moved to the desktop it and the installer proceeded normally. Thank you… PS, I do hope you all are all safe and healthy and all that jazz