ONYX 4.6.1219 on Windows 11 arm?

I am currently having this error when trying to install. I do have sqlncli.msi installed (the provider) it’s looking for after seeing the what’s inside the .js file. Any solutions or ideas would be appreciated thanks!

ARM is not supported.

Thanks but it isn’t fully arm, windows does a translation for old architecture. I think this problem lies with something else Install Windows SQL Error Another user having the same problem as I. If arm on windows via emulation to x86 or x64 is truly not supported going forward, then I have lost all hope for this software. As the market of laptops etc are going this way.

ARM Emulation of ONYX is not supported and there are no plans to develop it at this time.

We really need ARM Support! :pensive:

There will be no ARM support for Onyx.