Onyx 4.8.1239 Maintenance Release

Hi everyone,

Onyx maintenance release version 4.8.1239 is now live on the support page! support.obsidiancontrol.com

This contains a fix for the programmer bug in version 4.8.1238.

Happy Programming and I hope to see everyone at LDI!

Release Notes

4.8.1239 (08/11/2022) ===================== Fixed values getting stuck in programmer after RECORD CUE/PRESET

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HI TO ALL! Shorcut issue when using the (CTRL+TAB) meanwhile it sends cuelist back to previous cue, it also changes window in the 2d plan!

On two separate show files I’ve had issues with an inhibitive fader no longer working. There were also issues with Q-blender Overrides not working initially. I tried reloading the showfile and also deleting the inhibitor from the directory and recreating it. It would work briefly before stopping working. Somehow unable to create an inhibitive on that group of lights which keeps working.

Please send a description and a showfile to us using the support form: