Onyx 4.8.1240 Maintenance Release

Hi everyone,

Onyx maintenance release version 4.8.1240 is now live on the support page!


4.8.1240 (09/12/2022)


More 2D plan fixes and improvements:

  • Moved snap toggle to 2D plan’s toolbar

  • Double click on empty space deselects everything

  • Rotation reset button will only enable when object is rotated

  • Removed scaling for primitives

  • Reviewed movability of some popup windows

Improved time needed to validate fixture type updates when loading show file

Improved fixture buttons showing part names first so they can be easily identified

Fixed selecting the group mask using a mask-only fixture group crashing when no fixture groups had been selected

Fixed some older show files not allowing to add a DyLOS zone

Fixed additional install errors due to large sector size on Windows 11

Fixed screen brightness control on M6

New deselect fixture feature on the 2dPLAN.
Ther is to much latency when deselecting fixtures on the 2d plan on windows 11.