ONYX 4.8 Release

Hi Everyone,

Got some big news!

Onyx 4.8 has finished the beta process and is now officially released and live on the Obsidian Support page.

4.8.1237 can be downloaded at: Download

Please note consoles will need a OS update

The release notes are very long on this one and are available on the download page of the support website.

Have a great weekend!

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Hi to all please have a look at when you rename the bank ,the comand line is not visible so if there is a mistake when typing,you need to rename it again,can you make the comand line visible please!

Thanx! = )

Click on the “Bank” button again to hide the pop-up and see the command line :slight_smile:

Just to be clearer I know how it it works, but I don’t agree on the fact that we need to click 2 times “1 to appear,1 to dissapear” then another 1 to confirm.
It should be 1and 1,but that only my opinion!

Do you rename your bank so often? There tons of more important thing to take into account before :slight_smile:
Just my 2 cents ^^

Does this version require firmware updates for the NX DMX?


I just found out on the Discord server, but yes, 4.8 requires a firmware update (4.11) for the NX-DMX.

Hope this helps,


Shows in the top of the release notes:

4.8.1237 (04/08/2022)

This version requires Windows 10 or Windows 11 Home/Pro/Enterprise 64-bit for PC.
All consoles require ONYX OS 4.8

Compatible with Obsidian NX4, NX2, NX1, NX K, NX P, NX Wing, NX Touch, NX-DMX
Compatible with M-Series M1 HD, M2GO HD, M6 (with ONYX Upgrade Kit), M2PC, M-Touch, M-Play, Martin 2-port USB-DMX devices
Requires DMX firmware 4.11 for NX-DMX, NX2, NX Wing. Please install from Menu/System/Tools/Diagnostics/Firmware Update

What “swap prog” Do?


If I update the firmware on my NX-Wing (with 128 universe license) will I lose my 128 license and it change to a 64 universe license?

No the license is programmed into the Wing and does not change.


Hi when i run in my pc as secondary the white bar that shows the fade between cues don t work. in the primary console works fine


We are attempting to update the console to 4.8 from 4.4. We have been trying this for multiple days, and we have researched and studied every forum we could find to find a solution to what is happening.

Already we’ve done the following :

  • Tried multiple USB drives (from 8GB–128GB)

  • Updated the operating system as instructed by Matthias

  • Tried multiple USB Drives again (ALL USB 3.0)

  • Only used the blue ports in the back

*In an attempt to troubleshoot, use the side USB ports

  • We’ve turned it on and back off again? I don’t know, we are trying everything.

From what I understand, the issue that we are having occurs when we attempt to boot up the console from USB mode – yes, I have also tried to perform the update in CPU mode through Menu/System/Tools/update console election. – when in USB mode, the main screen goes black, and the small screen in the down right of the board is illuminated, but noting is happening. We have also tried leaving it in USB mode overnight to see if time was all it needed.

Any other suggestions?

Hey Dustin,

What console are you specifically trying to update?


Oynx NX2, I just read the note about updating the firmware, but I wasn’t sure how to do it without messing up the board.

Run this installer first, some of the first gen NX2 could not boot from any stick. This can correct this.

Hi Matthias,

We updated the BIOs last week, I’ll give it another shot. Just so I know I am doing it right. When updating the BIOs do I go through CPU mode and the update console feature?

Okay, I have updated the BIOs. Do I know input the 4.8 Stick and attempt to boot from USB mode?

It still will not boot from USB