ONYX 4.8 / Showcockpit OSC driver

Hey there, I’m trying to control ONYX with a MIDI device through Showcockpit but I have trouble using it.

The first attempt I made was using the ONYX 4.2 version and the Showcockpit Onyx non-OSC driver. It worked like a charm.

But I switched to ONYX ver.4.8 (because I use their NK X keypad which is only compatible with the last versions) and the Showcockpit Onyx OSC driver and I can’t make it work.
I followed everything in this tutorial: https://youtu.be/KFDashkFfGg
I installed the Microsoft loopback adapter. Showcockpit shows that my MIDI controller communicates with ONYX, but nothing happens in ONYX. The mapping is correct since I did the same mapping as in my first attempt with the old ONYX version / non-OSC driver.
Am I missing something?

After a lot of attempts, I eventually found the solution. It seems like my antivirus was preventing the loopback from communicating with Onyx. As soon as I shut it down, I was able to control Onyx with Showcockpit.
Hoping it will help if someone has the same problem…