Onyx and touring?

Is anyone on here touring with any NA touring or international acts? I know small clubs and churches use onyx frequently, but i have never seen another onyx console (m-touch aside) in the wild.

Does any one know of rental companies that offer Nx cosoles for touring and if they are in demand?

Have any local venue LDs in the 1000cap and up department every seen an onyx console come through on a larger tour?

I would love to talk to an Ld that uses onyx on bigger shows or to even see a bigger show operated on Onyx

All of these arena sized shows run on ONYX

Homepage - Feld Entertainment

Im seeing some large raceways that might be operated by Onyx but no mention of that anywhere. Also no actually show footage or arenas anywhere on this website. This is just a link to a production company with no real demonstrations of onyx being used anywhere even in their footage.

Do you have any links which demonstrate onyx being used by a touring Ld in a live music touring scenario?

Is there a place that lists artist endorsements or where acts that use onyx have spoken about their experience with it?

Every one of these arena tours for Disney On Ice, Circus etc uses ONYX, either NX2 or NX4

This is one of their FOH racks

Do you have any links which demonstrate onyx being used by a touring Ld in a live music touring scenario?

Is there a place that lists artist endorsements or where acts that use onyx have spoken about their experience with it?

This is just a picture

And also “touring” as an LD, and a production that goes from city to city setting up for a month long residence, are two very different applications. I think its kind of dishonest to frame these productions as an example to a question about “touring Lds” specifically FOR touring and local LDs.

These opps arent dealing with a new advance every day and a new plot. And even if they have to make changes they can do it in their hotel room or other accomidations which they are staying in for usually a month at a time.
These people arent sleeping on buses and in vans doing 18 hour long days from load into to load-out.
These opps arent programming then operating their shows alone.

You can pretend like this subsection of LDs dosent exist and point to how you accomidate niche LDs but youre ignoring what is probably the majority of working LDs.

Again im hoping to speak with the Lds that are using these and to find out how they deal with certain things within the limits of the software. How they deal with cloning and house rigs ect.

When you’re rolling with tractors and rigged truss the stage design is constient so this appliation oft he console isnt actually as impressive as your making it seem. This a level of production where the obstacles
Of programing are often circumevented by the scale and budget of the production. Working with the same fixtures and foot print every night frankly should be basically on autopilot once the riggers have the plot.

I understand why onyx is a good budget entrypoint for beginners and i undertand that you are able to market it to certain tours with an enormous budget. I mean the nx4 probsbly costs less than many fixtures on those riggs.

I want to see and hear from people that tour and deal with problems and obstacles that that brings with it. Not have a product rep show ambgious pictures as a proof of viability.

I want to see and hear other people say. This is why Onyx made this show happen and this is why it was the best choice. This is what onyx can do.

Have you toured with an Onyx console on a production which required a different lighting plot to be consistently cloned intonthe show (house rig) and what was your experience with that?

Do you have links for youtube videos or istagram accounts of Onyx Lds?

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I asked some LDs to chime in here.
I can’t offer any artist endorsements; I don’t think the performers care what lighting or sound desk is used usually.

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My name is Scott Pearson. I’m the LD for the band Kansas.
I’ve been touring with Onyx for 6 years.
My current rig is:
Updated M6 as the Main
NX2 as my backup the two are networked
5 universes
40 R2X washes
16 Vipers
16 elation six pars for the stage set.
6 ww2 blinders.
Go to Kansasband.com for pics. I’d be glad to discuss further anytime you’d like.

Hi! Jose Lorenzo here. I am an LD and Programmer based in the UK. I have 4x Strictly Come Dancing Spin off shows (Dancing With The Stars) at the moment out touring on ONYX. NX2’s and NX4.

We constantly clone on tour. We swap fixtures, we go from 20 fixtures to 200, and all of this without hiccups. I have done West End with Onyx. We are cloning into the London Palladium rig with Onyx.

David Summers tours and does festivals with Sum41 with Onyx. LOL Surprise Live tours with Onyx.

I really struggle to understand the post, but I am more than happy to resolve any questions you might have.

Hello, My name is Pierre Roy, I am from Montreal, Canada. I had been using the platform since it got out in 2010 approx. I have been touring around the world since then and I’ve been using the M-One, M2-Go, M2pc, M-6,M-touch, and now I have been lucky to use all the platforms of Onyx, NX-Wing, NX2 and NX4.
I own 1 NX4 and 1 NX-Wing, I do all kind of event from small to big arena event, I am currently touring Europe with a French Artist. Not only that, but I have done M-One and Onyx training to over 400 persons over here in Canada and some in the USA. Many theaters over here are now using Onyx as their main console. My biggest show was with 42 universes, using Dylos for the LED Tube (150x). Dylos make it easy to upgrade a show to a maximum potential. My choice of console for the rest of my career will be Onyx. This console is easy to teach and easy to learn. It’s A NO BRAINER! :wink:

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Michael here, I use Onyx in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands since 2018 (Mostly NX2 and NX wing), transitioned from MA2 to Onyx and no regrets.
Since then I toured with some bands, and a lot of freelance.
For me Dylos in Onyx is a game changer, makes color effects programming super fast.

Pierre Here.

I was on tour making light for The Ocean & Playgrounded during 6 long weeks (72 show in 40 days).
Using house fixture every day. From 200 to 1000 +cap venues & some 12 000 cap festivals.

On tour with an Nx2. Everything works great but a lightning console is just “a tool”.

What do you want to know ?



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Hi there. I haven’t been on here for quite a long time, but Matthias asked me to try and chip in.
I’m a freelance LD/programmer based in Rugby, UK and have done touring with Onyx for some time now with various Prog Rock acts and a few tribute acts around the UK and Europe.

I’ve certainly learned more about using Onyx as it has developed including using more Dylos content in my shows.

I’ve heard from a couple of venues that the NX consoles are becoming more prevalent in UK and EU touring, with even a couple of venues I’ve toured through using either Onyx or older M1 consoles over the years.

For my tours I have found them very versatile, and easy for fixture swaps and cloning. There is a good mix of buskability and cuestacked capability which makes them good for both theatre and larger touring shows where it needs to be the same every night.

I have some clips of the last couple of tours I have done recently with the NX2, and later in the year I have a few shows coming up with my new NX1 now that it has arrived.

Arena - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer (October 2022) Arena Boerderij Zoetermeer 29-10-2022 - YouTube

Frost - Islington Assembly Hall, London (December 2022) Frost* perform Black Light Machine at the Islington Assembly Hall, London, 1 December 2022 - YouTube

Hope this helps in some way.

hello, can anybody of you touring lds with onyx do a tutorial for all kind of stuff like:
_ program a show with dummy fixtures
for later cloning
_ cloning and preprogramming of unknown house rigs
_ swap or clone multipart fixtures
_ enter the hole houserig of big venues in general
_ which way you get a timecode from band
_ best practise of touring with onyx
from sketch to stage in cooperation with



For swap/cloning multipart Onyx - Swap a multipart fixture with Cloning function - YouTube