ONYX BETA 4.7.1235

Hi Everyone,

Please see the download link below for the second candidate of the 4.8 BETA (4.7.1235).

As before please provide any feedback (bugs, issues, comments) for this version by replying to THIS post to keep everything in one place.

Happy Testing!

Release Notes

4.7.1235 (22/07/2022)

  • Fixed wrong fixture types/personalities matching on CITP export to Capture
  • Fixed virtual intensity being applied to non-color mixing channels on some types
  • Fixed revised NX2 (= Premier) license not unlocking on PC (USB mode)
  • Fixed SQL server not starting on certain Windows 11 systems (having large sector size SSD)
  • Fixes for visualizing local USB devices
  • Various fixes and improvements

4.7.1234 (7/07/2022)

  • Dropped SQL server instance sharing: each user will run his own instance against shared data files; this - should eliminate login errors during installation
  • Various fixes and improvements

4.7.1233 (6/07/2022)

  • Fixed XNET connection reliability issue
  • Fixed rendering (color mixing) channels that are not linear across the entire DMX value range
  • Various fixes and improvements

4.7.1232 (24/06/2022)

  • Added support for NX1, NX-K, NX-P
  • Added support for wing ID on virtual panels
  • Improved and unified device management (configuring wing ID, DMX universes)
  • Playback fader flip (1-10 <-> 11-20) is now applied per wing ID (instead of global)
  • Multi-function button mode (Play, F-Keys, Base, FX) is now applied per wing ID (instead of global)
  • Fixed new fixture types in library update can only only be added after restarting software
  • Fixed wrong fixture types matching on CITP import from Capture
  • Fixed programming issues when using encoder to reach zero while operation mode is absolute (jumping to full)
  • Various fixes and improvements

When you write “various fixes and improvements” can you please make a list? so we know witch ones!


I got some many issues by cloning Mac Quantum Profile (source) to other spot (Robin pointe for exemple). Gobo preset are not clone most of time.
In the past I open a ticket throught the support.
Is this fix ?
I am at the point I don’t use gobo preset anymore and use macro who trigger an overide cuelist where I define the gobo.

Hey team,

I recognize the thread for 4.7.1234 is now closed, but wanted to nonetheless share that I’m still seeing a few (albeit WAY less!) Xnet issues.

Currently on a 5-day run; first 2 days were perfectly stable with an M1HD and Surface Pro networked together. Today, both devices have dropped to Standalone a handful of times, unprovoked – no live operation underway, merely a single cue playing back.

I flagged a few other bugs in the 1234 thread. Any idea if they were resolved in .1235, or are roadmapped to be resolved in the full release? :slight_smile:


Hello, thanks for the detailed report, and good to hear reliability was improved significantly.
We’ve been able to reproduce your playback button issue, unfortunately it didn’t make it for this release, but we’ll have a look.
We’ve also been able to reproduce the crash once, but not since: we’ll need more time to investigate.
Regarding the last topic, on the chases, that should only occur on secondary consoles when networked: it’s a known issue that will be addressed later.