Onyx Commands via Telnet

Hello, I am connecting a Stream Deck to my Onyx PC and noticed that there is an option in the Bitfocus Companion software for “Run Other Commands.” I am not a Javascript programmer, but I was able to decipher that all of the options are actually sending shorthand commands to the target device. For instance, the “Clear” option is sending a “CLRCLR” and the “Release All Cuelists” is sending a “RAQL.” In the “Run Other Commands” option, the code is just copying exactly what is set in the text box. Therefore, I assume that any desired command would also need to be entered like this, such as “RCRD” for “Record” etc. Is there a documented list of what all is available as a command? Is the command list specific to the Telnet server? It is documented in the GitHub help files that Telnet is the better way to connect as opposed to OSC (Let alone I am not using an Onyx license that includes OSC support, NOVA). This does use the Onyx Manager to run the Telnet Server, so are the commands linked to that? I would like to setup a bunch of buttons on a page to mimic a programming keypad. I assume there is some reference somewhere as I figured the contributors on GitHub are not also Obsidian programmers.