Onyx crash while saving cuelist.

While saving a cuelist, Onyx has crashed several times within a time window of 1 hour.
I managed to catch one crash with a screencapture:


Running v. 4.4.1193.0

the link does not work.

I’ve updated the link.


we had some crashes whitout any message,
when we save a cue to a new timecode cuelist on a fader on a nx wing.
espacially when the wing is receiving ltc timecode at the same time and a other timecode cuelist is active and trigger a cue.

we tried several time and 2 of 10 times it crashes.



We’d love to see how to replicate this. Maybe shoot a video and share it.

After several restarts, it seems to be solved for now. I’ll let you know when I found a way to replicate it.