Onyx forgets channels at startup?

Within my setup I control Resolume with Onyx via Artnet. The connection is clean, everything is fine, Resolume and Capture are proper connected.

My fixture just controls the main functionality like masterdim, speed and 4 layers of videos, including the layerbrightness.
So far so good.
The fixture, written by the included fixturebuilder, includes 4 identical brightnesschannels, in this case channel 5 through 8.
Here is where the problem occurs:
Channel 5,6 and 8 work without any issues, all the time.
Channel 7 (layerbrightness/intensity Layer3) sometimes doesn’t work at all.
In Onyx the functionality works fine, the dmx-output shows an output like it is supposed to.
When I checkout the dmx-input on the Resolume-side, channel 7 is not doing anything. All others work fine.
Whenever this problem occurs, shutting down Onyx and a restart fixes the problem directly without touching Resolume at all.

Anybody else had something comparable?

Any help is welcome.


Hi Mikel,
Could you share your fixture file and show file with the forum please?

I have never heard or experienced anything like this before but I would be happy to test it on my setup.