ONYX HELP - Cue Stack delay/timed automation

Hey gang, I got a gig to program at a venue but due to the venues budget, I have been requested to automate the lighting fixtures.

The venue uses ONYX, here is the request I got from management.The idea is for the venue staff to just be able to boot up ONYX and press one button to get all the lights going. “Simple, plain, Stupid”

Request from management:

Create a CUE STACK like so:


ALL RED - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL BLUE - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL GREEN - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL PURPLE - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL PINK - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL YELLOW - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL ORANGE - FX, 1 Speed.

ALL CYAN - FX, 1 Speed.

RED + ORANGE - FX, 1 SPEED (These colour combos can be LED Battens + Nitro Balls RED, Moving Heads Orange)

Blue + Cyan - FX, 1 SPEED

Green + Yellow - FX, 1 SPEED

Purple + Pink - FX, 1 SPEED

yellow + Orange - Fx, 1 speed

Orange + Red - Fx, 1 Speed

and so on and so forth.

  • “Auto ON” Should Override and turn on all lights and the default CUE should be #1. So every time the user presses “Auto ON” after pressing “Auto OFF” it should override and go to cue 1 “ALL RED - 1FX, 1 Speed”

  • “Auto OFF” Should NOT turn off all the Fixtures. Instead, it should stop on the current CUE/Scene and not skip to the next CUE/Scene.- “ALL WHITE ON” Should override “Auto ON”

-“ALL WHITE OFF” Should Turn off ONLY the “ALL WHITE ON” CUE


When "AUTO ON" is pressed it should go to CUE/SCENE #1 as default. When Next Song is pressed it should move on to the next CUE/SCENE. 

    ie. #1 -> "NEXT SONG" -> #2 (if you can randomize from #2-#14, that would be amazing.

        "AUTO ON"#1 1min30secs -> Timer ends -> 2sec Fade to #2 -> Repeats.

        "AUTO ON" should be a never-ending loop.

There should be a 2-second Fade into the next CUE/SCENE.

How do I set it up like so?

Any help would be appreciated!

Note: The room of the venue I am to program for is a small room with 8x LED Battens, 2x Moving Heads and 2x Nitro Balls.