Onyx keeps opening to an Unattached second display

I run a Dell precision mobile workstation which I run both in my office and in the field, when in the office I have a dock for my computer with 2 displays in addition to the 1 attached, I sometimes run onyx in both on my dock and off, I found if I close onyx while on an external display, if I run my computer off the dock, the software will open in a phantom display, like it’ll act like there’s a display attached when there is not a display and thus no way to interact with it… There no way to call the window to a desktop / display it just act likes theres a display…

did you turn it off in the setup menu?

There’s no window to call that menu, the whole instance of that program is somewhere I can’t interact with, this may be a bug with my computer but this is the only program that does this