What is ONYX?

This platform is the evolution of M-Series under the new dedicated brand of Obsidian Control Systems.
With ONYX 4.0 we have a clean start to develop and add new features. There are no drastic changes or departures from M-Series with ONYX.

What about the hardware I own?

All “M” hardware is supported, including consoles and USB devices. Simply update to the new ONYX OS or install ONYX 4.0 on a PC system.

Where do I get support?

A new online help is available at support.obsidiancontrol.com

Has the DMX licensing changed?
Yes! Any USB license key will now unlock ONYX to 128 Universes on PC systems. Also the restrictions on Universe numbers were removed, all 255 are now available. Consoles are able to utilize all 255 DMX Universes until their maximum Universes are used up. See the License page for details.

Will my old M-Series showfiles work?
Yes of course! All showfiles can be imported into ONYX, then resaved in the new file format.

Can I install ONYX and keep M-PC ?
Unfortunately the applications can not exist together. Installing ONYX will replace M-PC.