Onyx + M-Touch

So I have a PC that has been running M-PC (Legacy) for a while, and the M-Touch has been working just fine with that. I recently got a laptop in house for a rental and installed Onyx on it. I did the firmware update on the M-Touch - but the Onyx software does not see it. When in settings, if I go to the USB2DMX devices - it is not listed, can not be found. But it was able to run the firmware update. The laptop is on Windows 10. Any suggestions?


Is this laptop fully up to date (windows update)? Do you see any light on on the M-Touch (small intensity on top led and bottom led fader ruber) (check usb power)

Do you have another USB cable to test if it comes from it?


Does the M-Touch still work with the desktop M-PC since you updated the firmware. Only ask to help narrow the problem between the computers or the M-Touch.

Hope this helps,


Yes, it still works with MPC, I actually reverted the laptop for the time being to a legacy install. I’d like to use Onyx - but when it was plugged in the device manager recognized it was a M-Touch but had no drivers for it. Unless it was in boot mode for firmware, no LEDs lit up. Same cable it’s always been.

i think you might have the same issue i had.

//Martin Hedstrom