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So I’m slowly getting the hang of Onyx, and now I’m checking out the macros. I’ve seen the list with available macros but my question is if it is possible to create a macro for selecting color bumps on the go. Instead of creating alot of chases with all the color combos. I’ve seen no macro command that relates to that. Is this even possible? With MA we can create color wipe delays with macros is this also possible with Onyx?
This would make my and other life’s alot easier :slight_smile:

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Macros in Onyx are not like scripting of console commands in MA. You can only really remote control playback actions using macros.

Is there any other way I can accomplish creating a color bump selector? I really miss that

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Are you trying to make a delay color wipe and don’t know how? It’s quite easy. If that is what you are after let me know I will show you the way.

Trying to figure this out myself. At this point I have figured out how to make color wipes in individual cues, but I would like to create macros that set direction for multiple cues if possible, so I dont need to manually change them. Also an MA guy normally, but learning Onyx. Thanks!

Hey oldschoolrocker! How did you create those color wipes? Could you explain it please?

If you grab a group of fixtures, then hit “Fade” on the command keypad and go “0 Thru X” that will cause it to fade from the first fixture in the group to the last fixture over the amount of time that X is. " X Thru 0" goes last to first. You can also save this into a color preset so you dont need to write it every time.

What I am now trying to figure out is how to apply this to a macro that will update all my cues, so I dont need to manually update 200 color cues to do this if I ever want to change the times/directions.

ONYX has no command macros to update your cues.
You can however use a color preset that has only timing values in it, changing the presets will change the timing in the cues.

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I was afraid that was the case. I will just do the presets then and go that way. Thanks!

@Oldschoolrocker and @Light_One - as Matthias already said to use preset timings. Here is some example videos done a couple years ago. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but I think they are good examples of how to use the preset timings also. Anyway, take a look and see if that helps you out.

Hope this helps,


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