Onyx maintenance release version 4.6.1229

Onyx maintenance release version 4.6.1229 is now live on the support page! support.obsidiancontrol.com

4.6.1229 (26/4/2022)

  • WARNING! Fixture type library has been adjusted to split master dimmers into separate parts from main color mixers. This changes the footprint for such types and they will no longer be updated automatically! If you experience problems loading shows or get unexpected results (even crashes) in the programmer (especially when using the load command), look for multi-part fixtures that have intensity and color mixing in their main part, and also have virtual intensity turned on. Removing those and restarting the software (with continue show) should fix the problems; you can safely add them again using the library included with this software build (or later).

  • Added fixture type rule to prevent software reliability issues after adding certain multi-part types with virtual intensity enabled

  • Added fixture type rule to properly indicate multi-part types with overlapping 2D coordinates can’t be added to the show

  • Fixed group mask filter

  • Fixed loading specific show files


My Picowash 40z has only Master Int, P/T and Beam in the Master Section. No Color.

RGBW + virtual Dimmer are seperate sections.

Does this change affect me too?