Onyx Maintenance Update 4.10.1268

Hi everyone!

Onyx Maintenance Update 4.10.1268 is now live on the Support Download Page.

4.10.1268 (05/07/2024)


  • Revised beat detection,

  • Added visual beat analysis feedback (Advanced Analyzer view)

  • Fixed surface controls becoming unresponsive until entering and leaving ConsoleTester or restart

  • Fixed clone operation (COPY FIXTURE) hanging when Fixture Groups are included

  • Fixes for DyLOS stability

  • Fixed GTQ to use programmed cue timing on UDP+TCP

  • Fixed recording new cuelists to playback buttons on XNET

  • Fixed RDM label/address change not moving on to value entry (assuming ‘@’) automatically

  • Fixes for fixtures with CMY emitters

  • Fixed re-ordering 2D plan layers in some show files

  • Improved GTQ commands: both . (dot) and , (comma) are accepted to distinguish both cuelist from cue, and cue from “point-cue”

  • Fixed PARK FIXTURE setting 16 bit values to zero

  • Fixed direct (not via Manager) TCP TELNET connections (extended firewall rule)

  • Visual fixes and improvements


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