Onyx Manager

Looking back on older releases of the Manager program I noticed way back there was a html file called ActiveQList.html. Does anyone have this file? Does it work with the current version?
I would ideally like to get a list of active cues to display on a web page. The only information regarding this I have found is http://forumarchive.martin.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14605

There is a file contained within Onyx Manager called ManagerFrame.html, but no other html files which are included in iframes.

Any help would greatly appreciated as this is the missing link to completing my jquery touch panel


This list/html was not an official part of the Manager, it was a test by Paul back then (2007!) There are no plans to add such a function.

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thanks for the info Matthias. i thought it was a long shot!
Would have been nice to have the functionality of active cues updated as active on multiple devices. still works a treat without!