ONYX not sending output to Enttec ODE MK2 - ArtNet

Hello everyone,
I have a Enttec ODE MK2 artnet box, connected to the same network, same switch as my Windows 10 Laptop. I can use the web browser to connect to the Enttec device, I see that it is configured for ArtNet, Unit1 (so Universe is 1).

I have Onyx installed on my laptop, and it does not see the Enttec Artnet box.

If I override the defaults in Onyx, and point it to the IP of the Enttec box, I can see it talking to it. The Enttec web interface shows my Laptop IP connected to it, and sending packets to it,

If I select a fixture, and bring its intensity to 100%, I can see it in the programmer, but nothing happens. If I look at the Enttec Web interface, and look at the DMX data, it shows 0 on every DMX channel.

I am sure I am just doing something wrong, but not sure what else to do… Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!

try to set the enttec to subnet 0, universe 0

Thank you for the reply, I did try Universe 0, as well as setting the box to static IP. Also changed it to use sACN. Nothing seems to work.

I do have a different application that runs on an iPad, if I use it, it discovers the Enttec via Art-Net, and it able to control the lights.

The Enttec was running firmware 3.8, I saw 3.9 on their website, and updated it. But that has not made a difference.

It requires a 2.x IP address. Simply set the PC Ethernet to " EtherDMX" and the box to Subnet

This worked perfectly! Gave my Enttec a IP with a subnet and wammo, ONYX found it and light control is working. Thank you for your help Matthias!

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Matthias, can you explain why Onyx needs to be set to a 2. address for this to work?
I know the Artnet spec specifies a 2. address. But I think a lot of Artnet devices still work on other IP addresses. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think other software can send Artnet to the Enttec ODE with 192.168.1.x addresses. Is it Onyx that refuses to send Artnet to anything other than a 2. address?

My situation is I have Onyx on a 192. network with rtpMIDI and remotes already set up. Now I want to add an ODE and don’t want to change IP addresses for my whole network. Unless I have to :slight_smile:

If you have only one artnet device to adress, use the broadcast unicast function to force the ip adress where to send artnet and it will work other any ip range (but limited to one ip address).

Then, you have SACN which works on all ip range.