Onyx not working after a couple of minutes

My laptop decided to restart and from then onyx keeps stop working after like 10 minutes max.My lights stop at some random point in the movement I got selected and the intensity remains at max, but they don’t move and I can’t control anything. I have to add that I didn’t save the project. What can I do to stop this? It’s really annoying, I have to restart the soft and move the interface in another usb port to work…
I have to add aswell that I used to use the enttec dmxusb pro when it restarted and now onyx doesn’t see it, luckly I have an usb2dmx close by.
What causes these “crashes”?


Hi Cxrsed,
Similar to your own issue our show crashed mid show last Friday (May 03 2019) for no reason.
Our setup is Onyx 4.2.1045 to Enttec dmxusb pro to fixtures. We never have had an issue before while running Onyx 4.0.1010.
Our symptoms were pretty similar to your own in that our last cue held on and intensity remained at full while the Onyx application remained totally unresponsive.
After several reboots and Enttec cable reconnects, we eventually got the show lit again (10 mins downtime) and had no issues thereafter.

We have tried to reproduce the crash since Friday using the exact same setup but everything has worked perfectly which makes us very nervous ahead of our next show.
If anyone has experienced the same or has any thoughts on what is happening / or has any remedies I’d love to hear about them. Thanks

(FYI PC has a brand new SSD with no other applications on it and is running Win 7 Pro SP1 64bit with 6GB of RAM - Windows is fully updated and updates are manually managed)

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This is exactly what happened to my show too. After rebooting like 6 times and reconnecting the enttec dmxusb pro after every reboot it worked.I thought at first that I corrupted the file or something but i’m using the same save file right now and no problem. It’s really weird, I never experienced something like this and I’ve been using the program for a long time. Now it’s working every night but i’m anxious it will do it again, but it’s never happening. It’s weird man…