Onyx NX1 and Networked MIDI

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I am currently running three onyx setups at a church venue I manage. I have 1 NX Wing and 2 NX-DMX setups in play. I am looking to switch one of the NX-DMX setups to my Wing and purchase an NX1 to replace the wing setup. My current setup with the Wing utilizes networked midi for triggering the lighting. On the NX1 page I cannot find any statements about MIDI and the NX1. David Henry commented on a video that the NX1 has MIDI but he has not covered it in any videos I’ve seen. For my setup MIDI is essential and networked is preferred.

My question is this: does the NX1 actually have MIDI? Is it a networked MIDI connection? Or do I need to purchase the NX Sync to gain MIDI functionality?

Thanks in advance.

This was asked a while ago on the Discord channel. Here is the response from one of the support guys.

for receiving MIDI notes, any device that complies and is recognized by Windows’ built-in MIDI driver could be used as that’s how we access them

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Follow up on the last post. As Onyx runs within a windows shell is it possible to install an application such as RTPMidi? That is how I am currently running the networked midi. If not is a native network midi software installed?

Since the NX1 has it’s own Console OS, I wouldn’t know for sure.

My guess and thoughts…

  1. You would be modifying it somehow and that may violate the TOS / EU agreement.
  2. Every time you updated the console with a new OS, you’d have to modify it again.
  3. Seems like an external adapter that plugs and plays might be easier.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Maybe after the NX1 arrives you can test a few things out before moving it into production.


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There is no network MIDI, and NX Sync is not MIDI port device.
rtpmidi would have to be paid, adding cost to NX1, so not likely to happen.

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Another option would be networking a laptop to your NX1, to handle RTP MIDI communication…



the NX1 cant recieve midi timecode the way you want. You have to run your console in session with your onPc with the console in “secondary”

Then the onPc handles the timecode (which there is no way to display on the console) and you can set the nx to handle the dmx output.

If your hoping to replace an onpc setup with an Nx1 its not gonna work

Oh and also you still have to have some kind of license hooked up (probably your wing) to the OnpC in order to enable timecode (the nx1 being in session WILL NOT WORK TO UNLOCK) so it honestly dosent even free up your wing.

It sounds like the Nx1 would be a wasted purchases and not get you the functionality your hoping for.

Signed a person who wanted to do a similar thing.

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There are no “sessions” that share licensing, this is an intentional choice to block Universe traffic being exposed and potentially being pirated. Other platforms do this different or require expensive network processing units to achieve this. Onyx has no shared processing, so the keys are part of the system to enable processing per client. It’s a more cost-effective way to handle this and an choice we made when the system was designed.

The console and licensing key pricing are a fraction of the cost of competitors, so the Onyx licensing system requires unlock keys per device that is required to create output or read I/O protocols.

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So, I was looking at an iConnectivity device to get RTP Midi to the booth then utilize the usb on the iConnectivity to get into the NX1. Would that work?

Looking at the mioXM.