Will ONYX ever support ARM CPU Architecture. More ARM CPUs are coming out and ARM will be a very mainstream CPU on Windows 11 by 2024. So will ONYX ever support it? Ive got a ARM device so would be very keen to start running ONYX on it. Microsoft has already released a surface pro that runs off the Arm CPU Architecture. So ONYX on ARM will be very requested soon

At this time Onyx does not support ARM processors, adding this feature is not currently on the road map as it requires a substantial rebuild of core systems.

Supporting the ARM hardware platform is, from our perspective, less invasive than supporting other OS platforms (like Android, Linux, MacOS, iOS, …), for example, but we do rely on other technologies, for which we don’t have the source code (DirectX, XML parser, ADO, SQL server, etc), to be readily available on the ARM platform as well.
We do keep an eye on that, so when the opportunity arises…

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