Onyx & Pangolin Beyond

Hi all i hope this finds you well.

I am trying to integrate, Pangolin Beyond in DMX server mode with CTIP also . All the doco from the Pangolin side is very much MA … centric. I am look for some practical configuration information in beyond & Onyx

The software pangolin beyond has a demo to test that ?

This issue is still ongoing, there has been some interaction between onyx and Beyond , i had tried some custom profiles from Offer. I understand that then next release will have a solid undate the bonnet upgrades to CTIP as there is work with capture which also uses CTIP in a big way

Hello Ben,

As mentioned during our conversation, this is not a profile issue…

Both Pangolin & Onyx groups have made some efforts on developing CITP communication between the 2 products… Unfortunately, I never saw this issue was solved…

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support