Onyx-PC: 4.2.1045: Bug in P/T Combo handling?


I have a bug in the situation where I disable the P/T combo for a group of fixtures with different type: With P/T combo I can design an animated (Fx) TILT movement. On disabling the P/T combo this TILT animation turns into a PAN animation. Enabling P/T combo again, it turns back in a TILT movement.

It seems that the channel ID for TILT and PAN is getting disorded by disabling the P/T combo.

I experience more than this problem with P/T combo switch.- Also if you have two cue lists with switched off P/T combo, the one with only TILT animation can block the PAN of the other cue list. Even if you disable the P/T combo and you do not have any value set for the PAN on the first cue list.

Maybe I should mention that I am working with Presets.
And there are other cue lists on lower priorities which are also dealing with the same fixtures. partly with P/T combo ond and partly with P/T combo off. Unsing different presets.

So, there seems to be a group of problems around the P/T combo.

Update: If you do not use a preset, it seems to be running better.

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I think Your presets are overriding the cues then. Or am I wrong?

Hi, yes and no. I think, the main problem is: If a Preset uses P/T-Combo off and other are using P/T-Combo On the mess starts. But I haven’t time to investigate this in the deep.