Onyx PC and joining an M1 show

So usually I use either my Onyx PC with an Artnet device, OR an M1/M2GoHD desk at my venue.
But, lately I’ve been playing with joining my venue show from my Onyx pc.
I noticed some quirky behavior and I’m curious if it is isolated to my setup, working-as-intended, or straight up buggy =)

Just a quick list format to make this easy-
– Time-outs - Seems like after a certain period of time (or perhaps inactivity?) the PC will disconnect from the desk altogether and I have to re-join. Hasn’t happened while I’m actively working on it, which is what makes me think a network timeout or something.

– The Onyx PC will not show pre-existing groups in the Groups window, but will Record (over) them, as well as Recall them for use using Select Group Num. Selecting them via the Groups window does nothing.

– Workspaces / Views, Post-Update, I joined a show, and on the Onyx-PC machine I recalled a maxxyz settings file to get my old mPC-specific views into my Onyx-PC. The weird part was that it pushed the Workspaces/Views to the main Desk as well, overwriting anything I had saved. (yes I used the Replace command, because I assumed Workspaces were unique to the Desk/PC they were loaded on, not Show-wide.)
Now, the BAD part - workspaces/touchscreens on the Desk froze completely. The surface worked fine, but nothing on the GUI would update or show any selections etc.
The Onyx PC was able to fully control the show otherwise though. (still w/o Groups unfortunately)
Hesitant to try this one again, but will experiment when I have a dark day. I’ll use a fresh Onyx Settings file to test with…

Anyway, just some strange behavior I noticed, hoping some of these are just settings I don’t know about haha.