ONYX RC 4.9.1256

The number of presets isn’t updating after deleting existing presets.

Auto Follow setting in windows gear icon, doesn’t hold it’s setting in Fixture Center & other windows.

As previously reported, there are fatal errors when trying to use the Fixture Library Editor to Edit existing fixtures when you change their name. One cannot proceed.


Can’t choose multiple Dylos Zones Media content at once. Only the last selected Dylos Zone gets it. Have to choose sources for the Dylos zones one at a time. For busking it’d be helpful to choose Media content for all selected zones at once.

I’ve also noticed more freezing up. If I click through things too fast sometimes it freezes up. Has anyone else noticed freezing? Usually if I wait it unfreezes.

Edit 10/24
Note, the freezing up often happens when I have secondary PC instance of Onyx connected. The freezing up of the software almost always results in the loss of the secondary console.

Which fixture ? this bug is supposed to be corrected.

Another bug to report:

In a networked session, Presets that a have a colour assigned to their icon lose their colour when the preset is updated / re-recorded. This is a tricky one to describe in writing, but very easy to reproduce.

Steps to reproduce…

  1. Create a preset (for position, colour, or any other parameter)

  2. In the preset window, click on the settings cog and assign a colour label to the preset.

  3. Join the show from another console via Xnet

  4. From the secondary console, record-merge over the existing preset. The colour label will disappear from the primary console.

Conversely, if the preset is re-recorded on a primary console, the colour label disappears on secondary consoles.

Having an Odd issue where the 4 encoders + the highlight button is not working on the nx touch after the update.

Tested in the console tester and they all work correctly.

Unable to set intencity, colour, pan tilt etc using the 4 belts.

If i make the changes on the screen the led feed back follows correctly. just doesn’t respond to touch.

Update to this. When I returned to the theater tonight. The NX touch was all working as it should with the belts functional.

Not sure why this would be? I had tried power cycling and unplugging the touch

Can you guys add " Alpha Transition" and “Transitions” that fade in and out without bumping when they reach a hard white?

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hello, is it possible to give us a snap+release option for the sidebar and the fkeys?!
that would be great.

Hi team,

Took .1256 out on a big production this past week on an NX4. Twice (once during programming, and once during the show - ack!), the entire control surface froze. The software was fine & there was no “module disconnect” pop-up as can sometimes be observed when there is a loose internal connection.

The LCD ‘scribble strips’, mini touchscreen etc. all remained powered and displaying their last-state, but no input from the programmer, playback, or submaster modules was acknowledged by the software. In both instances, rebooting the console resolved the problem, but man, that’s not something fun to do during a live show. Thankfully I was running a tracking backup and routing traffic through sACN nodes when this occurred during the show.

Can someone from @obsidiancontrol comment if this has been observed before, and if a solution is in the works? As always, I’m happy to provide more information & hop on a call if desired.



I had the same issue last week, using a M6+

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I’m relieved (in a sense!) that I’m not the only one. Hopefully it’s on their radar & will be swiftly resolved.

Another bug to report (this one has persisted through several builds, and is still an issue in .1256).

When running a networked setup via Xnet, the “Update” function has a bug when used via any “secondary” console.

Specifically, after issuing an update command, the affected cuelist triggers a “go” to the first cue in the cuelist.

For example, if cue 11 in my selected cuelist is active, and I adjust a fixture parameter and use the “update” feature, the selected cuelist will then “go” to the first cue in it’s list. Very problematic in a live environment. From what I can see, this behaviour does not occur when using the update feature via the Primary console, or in a non-networked show.

User pan tilt palettes for Dylos!
Hi to all:
If we can have the chance to create our own colour palette composed by 1 ,2,3 or more colours,why not applying the same theory for the 2 ,3 preset mode for positions?
I mean creating and saving the presets directly in our user palettes, these obviously will all be embeded presets, created by real Position palettes, but good for busking the show.
So all made once and applyable when you want and need ,so easy and fast to use! = )

Using the secondary console on x-net. When enabling edit mode in the cue list on the 2nd console. It does not enable edit mode on the primary console. This is primarily an issue while trying to learn timing from main go. The timing will not be recorded on the 2nd console unless the main console’s edit mode is enabled. Granted you only need to click edit mode once on the main console and you are fine. But quite annoying if your consoles are not in the same location.

Hello @obsidiancontrol team!

Another bug to report.

It appears that intensity chases still have a negligible impact on fixture output even with the related cuelist fader @ 0%. This bug is reproducible via the following steps:

Create a “Chase” type cuelist with a few steps. In my example, my chase contained only Intensity information.

Create a few “Override” type cuelists for different fixture groups with only Intensity information.

Set the override faders to a non-zero level.

Run the intensity chase, then reduce the fader level of the chase to 0%.

The expected behaviour is that the output of the chase should not be visible at all.

Instead, I’m observing a small “blip” in the targeted fixture’s output as each step of the chase triggers, even with the fader at 0%.

I’ll attach a copy of the affected show file later today. This was a fresh show in .1256 with approx. 490 fixtures.

Bug found when copying a cue with a macro attached. The new cue won’t trigger the macro unless you reapply it to the cue even though the macro copies over with the cue.
This is the command to reproduce.

Copy cue # @ #

Trigger the new cue and the macro that copied over won’t fire.

We can’t reproduce: could you upload your show file to Obsidian Control Systems?

Thank you for the reminder, @gert_leunen - I’ve been busy at event sites the last few days. I’ve set a reminder to upload the show file as soon as I return home this evening.


Show file uploaded! Look for “CIRQUE ÉLOIZE (NOV 11, 2023).

You can reference the chase labeled “DIM CHASE” on Main Playback bank no.2, and the intensity overrides on the first 4 submaster playback faders.

Replaced with Onyx RC 4.9.1257