ONYX RC 4.9.1256

Hi Everyone,

This build requires OS 4.9 to be installed first on consoles.

As always, please keep all discussions and comments about this beta to THIS forum post.

Happy testing!!

Replaced with RC 4.9.1257

4.9.1256 (02/10/2023)

  • Improved DyLOS factory content (separate download - 26_Sep_2023): palette and alpha fixes, added (alpha) mask, transition and palette gradient folders. It is recommended to import the new factory content after installing this (or a later) build.

  • Added new “Preset C” mode to opacity mapping (existing one renamed to “Inv Preset C”, at same DMX value)

  • Fixed re-ordering 2D plan pages

  • Fixed fixture type editor crashes when opening, or “not enough disk space” popups when exporting certain types

  • Fixed last frame on bouncing playback modes

  • Fixed zoom and rotation of masks

  • Fixed visual corruption when changing chase cuelist, that is connected to a beat processor, to a different cuelist type

  • Fixed cue count feedback not increasing when recording cues

  • Fixed factory screen layouts to be consistent with recent ONYX Windows changes

  • Minor installer fixes and improvements

On 1255, the OSC values were slow to update in Onyx although the output wasn’t delayed.

Rotate in the patch window seems broken It shows up in the command line but nothing else. Cant get the feature to work

Cool implemation with the mask. But I am wondering if it planed for it to be use for simple masking and maybe some chase masking…

Or is it planned to be able to use FX to make them move or spin? because I dont think it is possible natively in the mask window

Little visual issue maybe! can we have all the "TEXT "in the same mode?

Color pallets not working in any dylos Effect
but works for sources

Having some issues when using these! then is it possible to avoid bumps at the end of a transition?

There is always a bump at the end of this transition,when using the 2 preset mode,the transition between the 2 positions is ok ,but at the end there is a little bump!

This rotation is presented in the PATCH because it shuffles the DMX addresses for the parts (respecting RGB or other order per part) to compensate a bar or panel fixture mounted differently than originally programmed, without having to resort to replacing fixtures and cloning. Since this occurs at the final output addressing, it only makes sense for bars (180 degrees steps) and panels (90 degrees steps) that you toggle through.

should we install the new dylos content additional to the old stuff? or should the new content replace the older collection?

It is my understanding that you can only have one content library installed at a time. I tried “Updating DyLOS Content” from the Tools / Maintenance / Update section and the date stamp did not change. I actually had to go and import the new content from the Load/Save menu under “Import DyLOS Content”. That said, I didn’t think to check to see if the new media was there and the date was wrong or to see if a reboot updated the date stamp. So that might be some good feedback / testing to help report back on. I have another machine that I will try on, but it will be later next week.

Hi to all is this working for you guys? I have noticed I can select but don’t get anyother info on where?

alpha transitions are not working as we think they should.
when we use them as effect it moves as we want from black to transparent but after the loop is finished, it gets back to black.
do we have to stop it before loop is over?
why is there no play one time option if use teansitions as media mask for the zone? and how should we use the positions option? a cue for every teansition position?

That was the little bump I was talking about at the end. the only work around is to loop back & forward as I can see now. = )

Is this normal that zooming 10 out " Sqares " the rombo?

ah, ok. if we use alpha transition as source media, it also behave like this, but if you disable frameblending, it works like we want. then it stops as it should. but this does not work for using them in the effect slot.

Using this version of Onyx and the latest firmware for EN4. Kept having data dropouts. I updated both at the same time, so I don’t know which one to question. Has anyone else experienced Artnet or sACN dropouts?

This is possible already. Go to the layer with the mask and go to beam (I’m on vacation and can’t double check), there is a tile to switch between layer and mask control. Select mask and you can manipulate pan tilt, color and so on of the mask itself. Hope this tip helps

try to disable sacn sync

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weird dylos opacity bug on fx 2 where if both FX 2 takes the source slot as input and sets the opacity to 0%
(Let FX 1 and 2 at the same time) the FX 2 is 10-20% darker than the FX 1 even tho they are the same FX.
More apparent with tiles