ONYX RC 4.9.1255

Hi Everyone,

This build requires OS 4.9 to be installed first on consoles.

As always, please keep all discussions and comments about this beta to THIS forum post.

Happy testing!!

Download: Replaced with ONYX RC 4.9.1256

4.9.1255 (27/09/2023)

Added visual feedback display modes for beat provider, which can be used in canvases or palettes
Significant improvements to beat detection responsiveness and reliability

  • Fixed steam content generator
  • Fixed inability to delete some fixtures in a show that has input processors
  • Fixed setting the offset to the horizontal limits while fanning causing the logic to crash
  • Fixed changing tap tempo from a very slow BPM taking too long
  • Fixed moving or swapping pixel mapped fixtures no longer being pixel mapped until software restart

Look forward to trying this out!

Obsidian team: would you happen to know if the issue with DMX Mergers has been fixed in this build?


It has not, the build was made before the bug was reported.

hello, is the switch from phase to pulse fixed, for the beat provider?

Thanks for letting me know, Matthias! Please keep me posted, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you or your team needs any further details.



Weird bug while changing a chase to another mode after you link a beat/sound trigger reference. Still is bugged when you remove the link



Even after restart, the ones with removed Beat/sound trig are bugged in the same way and the bank interface is bugged (bland / dark)

Yes, everything should work, now.

Two new modes are added: Alternate and Pulse, former Pulse is now Flash (but still has the same DMX value for backward show compatibility)

Thanks for the report, will be fixed in next build

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12:35 pm

Used this version last night with no issues.

When selecting multiple Zone fixtures in Dylos, changing the video clip only changes the last selected zone, even though multiple Zone fixtures are chosen.

Dylos programmer Parameter Wheel coordination issue. For example, if a video clip is selected in the blue media folder on the popup parameter wheel, changing to the red folder in the column to the left of the video clips, it automatically starts a red video clip. So Dylos initializes that color when changing media content folders on the wheels.

Request that Dylos works with the Live Time setting. I do a lot of busking and I have to fade out of Dylos before choosing a different video clip, because it doesn’t fade to it.

An older request, that the PT FX movement macros work also with the Live Time setting.

Edit 1:00 pm

Feature request: When I resize the “Main Playback Status” too small it goes black. I wish it could be reduced in height more. I don’t need to see the other 10, 11-20 as long as one can toggle between them.

I also wish it were possible to have two Playback Status windows as a default at the bottom of the screen.

(My reasons are that I almost always use two banks of faders. I tend to use one for the intensities, mostly inhibitives, and leave it on that. The other wing, M-Touch, I tend to change pages and use FX playbacks, Q-Blender speed Overrides, etc. ).

Edit 10/02

Cuelist number is not updated after recording cues unless the cuelist is change to anotehr type , such as override and then changed back to a cuelist

IT’S getting more dificult without anykind of "visual help "to imediatly see where we are in a window like this ,and get where the values of the selected fixtures are shown!
Can you add a line a square a different colour to theselected fixtures entire line values?
Thanx very much! = )


Recording a cue and merging as secondary on x-net causes the cue stack on secondary to go back to the starting cue. The primary keeps the cue in the same place. If you hit go on secondary it goes to the correct next cue.

Replaced with ONYX RC 4.9.1256