Onyx Remote app + M Play?


For what I understand, the former M-series Remote App for iOS etc. needed a stand-alone desk to work, and were not compatible with M Play/M Touch. Does anyone know about the “new” Onyx Remote App? Does it have the same restrictions, or does it work with my M Play?

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Hi, the app change its name, not the way it works…

Onyx remote is a remote. You have to run Onyx on a console or pc to get it working.

As an app, M-Play, or M-Touch can’t be used with it, it is only a remote app.

Of course I know that M Play won’t work without a PC. My question was if it worked together with a computer+wing or not, since that how it was with the older app.

That’s a rebranding. Take the same features and here you go :slight_smile:

So, does it or not? :blush:

I use the ONYX remote app connected to ONYX Pc weekly for focusing my stage setup. The connection is between the remote and the PC (or console). It will work just fine. This is the same as when it was M-Series.

The M-Play is just a “wing / control surface “ and makes no difference to how the remote (app) works.

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Can someone give me a quick tutorial on how to use the app as a remote focus?

I can’t seem to figure out how to use it to update P&T presets. I’ve gone into P&T Presets, hit edit and the preset I want to adjust, the preset is loaded into the console but I’m stumbling when I get to actually trying to move between fixtures and adjusting the fixture’s pan and tilt.

So I think I finally figured it out, I’m curious if this is the best method.

So I hit Presets -> P&T -> Edit and the preset I want to edit and then hit the > arrow on either the pan or tilt parameter and then it lets me step through the fixtures.

The only thing I can’t seem to find a shortcut to Updating the preset. Do you always have to flip the tablet/phone to get to the keypad to update?