Onyx Remote Network Error

cannot connect to onyx pc via onyx remote. the iphone is connected to the pc’s wifi hotspot, which worked before.

as mentioned by https://forum.obsidiancontrol.com/t/onyx-remote-on-iphone/6626/11, i added OnyxXNet.exe as program to be allowed on both private & public networks via windows defender firewall

onyx remote still shows a network error even with windows defender firewall completely disabled

i believe “Local Network Connections” is enabled in iOS settings, but cannot check because the Onyx Remote app does not show up in my iOS settings app


my pc is a laptop, so i think windows 11’s battery saver may have something to do with it.
battery saver is now off, and onyx remote can connect via my hotspot as normal

another thing is that the ios device needs to be connected to the mobile hotspot before onyx pc is launched