onyx remote

impossible to connect onyx remote with pc windows 11 and ios 16.

Make sure your cellular data is off. There is also a setting (usually comes up after you install the app) about allowing ONYX remote to discover things on local network. Make sure to say yes to that. I’ll double check tomorrow, but mine was working last week.

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Good afternoon Watson, I have turned off mobile data in the app and I have tried both static and automatic ip, and nothing. Thank you

I have just tested with an iPad running iOS 16.6 and ONYX Remote ver 2.8.2 (DHCP over wifi our technical network) and an NX4 running software version 4.8.1244 (DHCP reservation wired on our technical network.). No issues here.

What is your setup like?

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I have just got done using an iPhone 12 mini running iOS 16.6 on wifi with DHCP. Again was connected to an NX4 running 4.8.1244 wired with a DHCP reservation. No issues noticed.

One thing to also check. When you are connecting to your wifi, make sure to select “Auto Join”. I have had several instances where I’d I don’t have that enabled, it will connect for a moment and then drop out

Good afternoon, Watson, I am using Onyx on a PC with Windows 11 and an iPhone XR, thanks for the help.