Onyx Show Not Saving

So I have been making many adjustments and adding things to a showfile that I use to run lights at one of my club gigs. Every Weekend for about 4 weeks now, I open up the show, and everything that loads is from a previous save, none of my new playbacks, presets, etc have seemed to load from the previous weekend. I am sure that I save the show every Friday night before I shut my computer down after the night ends. I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own, but now it’s just taking too much time to re program all of my new playbacks. I still have a few playbacks from a night long ago and that’s the point that it keeps bringing my back to.
What makes this most confusing is that on the computer document itself it says that it was “last modified” on the day that I try to save it, every time, yet when I open it, nothing is saved. Help please!