Onyx Software & M-Series Programming Wing

Hi Team,

Just wondering if the new Onyx software will work with the old M-Series programming and the original playback wing?

I see that the submaster, playback series II, and button wings are both supported but nothing is said about the programmer and playback series I wings?

Look forward to a positive response since I have one of each.




Answer is there:


Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for the reply I have read through all of the recent posts, and even read this link here


Which has more information about the M-series modules however it doesn’t have the programmer wing in there. I assume that it should still work as it’s similar to the layout of the M6 etc and is USB but I am currently 10,00km’s from those particular wings so I can not test it personally and of course assumption is the mother
f$%@er of all mistakes. :slight_smile:

So was just wondering if someone from controller support could confirm this for me.



Hi Steve,

both the old style (Maxxyz Compact) and new style (M6) programmer modules are supported, as well as the old style (Maxxyz Compact) playback module and even the original playback wing (Maxxyz, black).

Best regards
Gert Leunen
Onyx development

Hi Gert,

Thanks for the quick reply and confirmation on that. Glad to hear all the existing modules still work and back to being happy about the investment in all the M-Series modules I have made over the years.

Happy to have gone the USB way since a computer can be replaced easier and cheaper then a whole console and being limited to the processing power of a older and un-upgradeable on board computer.

As long as the software keeps supporting the existing hardware more resources can be put in to the software.

Look forward to testing the new software and the up coming additions.

Will now look in to upgrading all my systems to Win 10 to better support the new software.



Hello Gert,

let me cook up this thread a little ;-).
I am from germany and new to the Onyx- / M-PC software. But i have a question:

Is it right that the old style Maxxyz fader- or playbackwing (the one with motorized faders and switches with LCDs) is fully supported from M-PC (V3.70.xxx) and Onyx (V4.2.xxxx) software? For me it is important to connect the wing using USB and to label the small LCDs in the switches.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Best wishes,

I own 4 of them and they are all working for me

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