Onyx stops working after 5 to 10 minutes

We have Onyx installed on a Dell All InOne computer, linked to a Martin M-2PC console.

After a few minutes, the system locks up, with no response, either on screen using a mouse or touch screen, or via the M-2PC console. I have tied loading several siffernet shows, but it locks up each time.

We need this resolved by early next week as we have a show scheduled, and we be beginning Tech Setup on Monday (7th Oct 2019).

Should I try installing the latest version of Onyx?

Will my original shows still be able to be loaded?

Should I do a complete Windows Update before intallling the latest Onyx software?

Alternatively, does anyone have a solution to this problem without re installing Onyx?

Looking forward to some help from this forum.

Kind Regards,


Whats the model # of the Dell, and what Onyx version are you running?

Hi Matthias,

I have sent you an email.