Onyx Tilt and Intensity Linking FX

Hi, Is there a step by step process to achieve linking? Perhaps a Video?

I have tried this many times with odd results including parameters swapping during the linking speed adjustment. Any help? Thanks

Hi there
as far as i remember int fx speed ant tilt fx speed has to be in the same range…lets say int fx speed at 40…then tilt fx speed at 40…
there was an old video but i can not find it…so… the only option i think is to try it out

Hey I thanks for the reply. The old video you speak of was perfect but the user told he took it down and could not find the original video to send me. I have not had good luck getting thing linked properly. It has always been offset.

Maybe this will help:


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Thanks Mike.

what do you do? the “popular” Fly out Effect ??

I was trying to accomplish that. No luck. Any suggestions??

First use pan and tilt and position the fixture in the middle of the movement if you want.Use in pan tilt fx,use the circle(in others forms dont run), modify only tilt and speed. Now go to intensity in fx use the line and modify amplitude and speed use the same of the tilt. Pulse link and link intensity and tilt. Now you can modificate the atributes simultaneous. Sorry for my bad english.


Thank you! Works. The CIRCLE pattern made it work! I was using the Line and it resulted in parameter swap errors. I knew I was missing something but not sure why, the pan/tilt fx pattern was the issue. Thanks Guys