ONYX V4.6 Freezing on Windows 11

At the moment we are running a Lenovo Tiny PC Intel Core I5 SSD with version4.2. We updated to version 4.6 and within 1 week we had 2 freezes with 1 resulting in a full Onyx crash. We then downgraded back to V.4.2 and since had no issues. If I go the upgrade straight to 4.8 will this crashing keep happening or was there a fix somewhere between 4.6 and 4.8 that fixed this type of issue. It would usually crash mid show when changing cues in a cuelist. Was hoping maybe someone else maybe has experienced this and now knows if it has been fixed in 4.8? I’m 100% sure the PC we are running is well more capable since I’ve run a intel I3 older Gen on laptop based on 4.8 with no issues. The Lenovo Tiny PC is based on Desktop CPUS not laptop CPUS so it should be perfect for ONYX. Maybe V4.6 doesn’t work well on Windows11? Any help is appreciated.



There are several factors in this situation that could be causing this. Anywhere from a bad show file “upgrade”, windows security change, or even size of SSD. So, here’s some things to be aware of and check accordingly.

  1. 4.8 is windows 11 compatible for sure.
  2. 4.6 introduced a new library package (AltaBase) which means you need to make sure your fixtures are in the new library. You can check here to see. Fixture Library (obsidiancontrol.com)
  3. 4.6 also brought the number of free universes back down to 1 (instead of 4). ONYX hardware will unlock 4. With different pieces of hardware unlocking different playback restrictions. You can read about the different licenses here. Onyx Licenses (obsidiancontrol.com)
  4. 4.4 removed support of Enttec devices. So only ONYX USB to DMX is now allowed.
  5. NETRON hardware will unlock universes but not playback (see licensing above).

This is what I consider the bulk of things to be aware of. Each case is specific, so just make sure to check things over. That said, the added features and improvements / fixes along side DyLOS makes the time and effort worth it. I would strongly suggest upgrading sooner than later. Verison 4.9 is about to drop adding several additional features and further improving DyLOS including some long-awaited Audio Analysis.

While I don’t know what your show file looks like, you may actually want to consider creating a new one on the side with the second machine and start playing with it / working out the details. Since you are so far behind, there have been several changes, that it might be better to just start fresh, or at least give yourself some time to work through.

Hope this helps,



I’m in the process of updating to 16GB ram to see if any of the versions above v4.2 crash still. 16gb is recommended but not needed tho according to ONYX requirements. The SSD is a 256GB NVMe so should be fine. The CPU should be fine also since it’s a I5 8th Gen and ONYX says it supports it. Maybe 4.6 just had some bugs that kept crashing ONYX. I will wait for the arrival of ONYX 5.0 and see if it continues to crash. At the moment 4.2 is the most stable i’ve seen considering anything higher has crashed the program. Showfile was created maybe 4 months ago on V4.2. Maybe the show file isn’t liking the newer versions? Looking forward to any responses :slight_smile: